SIP trunking for business international calls

That is what you get. Calls are delivered to the dialed phone line, with proper quality, for a fair price. We know everything about the international business calls, the special needs, the requirements, the challenges and the ways to address them. Try us.


The service is fit and tailored to a customer. Calls statistics, type, destination, duration, the purpose are analyzed. The routing is selected to serve the calls in the most effective way. There are constant tests and checks to ensure the quality. We value our suppliers as much as our customers. And, of course, there’s the 24/7 monitoring and support.


Hansa Telecom provides a personalized approach. We will be keeping constant communication with you, providing the best offers, responding to your requests, and answering your questions.

Anti Fraud

We take it seriously. We use a wide range of preventive procedures and software solutions to protect our partners from fraud. Your call is going to connect and last as it is supposed to, without additional issues like a false answer supervision or an in-call record.

Fair price

There always are options to choose from when it comes to international calling. A business case may differ depending on the connection quality level, the originating numbers, and the average duration of your calls. We have relevant routes together with optimal offers for any traffic.


We believe that cooperation should be easy and productive. You can count on us being polite, helpful, and timely in responding to your messages, even a bit beyond business hours.

Drop us your mail or use a live-chat contact form, and we will reach out as soon as possible.